What Is My Position On Xp Law?


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If you buy a laptop with a Windows XP operating system preinstalled on it this means you have a license for the operating system.

What are you supposed to do if the computer goes down and you need to do a fresh clean install of the operating system but the computer did not come with the Win XP on disk?

DO I not have any rights to a OEM Win XP disc for that computer? If so what can I say to the shop staff?

What is the law to and do I have any grounds for getting a OEM disk of them so I can do the fresh clean install for the Operating system I have purchased of them?

I have tried to do system restore but to no such luck.

I have tried to use 3rd party PC Painkiller software to no such luck either.
The computer did not come with a system restore disk either. Even so I am under the impression that one of these disks will not work in all circumstances. Therefore if I am correct the only way forwards is to a full clean reinstall of XP.
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The older computer's came with cd's, so it was easy to restore the computer if anything went wrong. The newer computer's now have a seperate partition on the harddrive from the operating system.

This must be the case in your situation, if not then the harddrive that had your partition on it must have bben esased some how. Never the less, your last resort is to call Micro$oft and tell them your situation, just give them the serial # off your computer, then they should be able to send you a replacement set of cd's to re-install your OS.