what is memory?

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what does the memory do? i thought it stores the download and stuff, but is that what the hard drive does? please reply.
Yes you can, it operates on a bellcurve. The higher you go, the less increase in performace you have. And if you arent using an NT based OS, over 512mb can HURT your system.
thanks for the infor guys but what is the main idea on ram? does it store stuff u download? do is mske your computer operate faster in games? please reply im gettign a little clue but im not geting the persice thing im lookign for.
your hard drive stores stuff you download - RAM is there so
you can have more than one program running.
memory lets you run programs faster up to a point, then it just lets you run more things at once.

Think about it in car terms, If the CPU is the horsepower, then RAM is the torque.
memory is this magicaly little thing that allows computers to remember the time is displays on your toolbar, it comes from heaven and god made it for us...

Dont worry there is a catholic "tech bible" coming out soon that will explain all these question in gods words himself
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