what is makemeinvisible.com??

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That is whats called a proxy site.
It basically masks what you are browsing from outside viewers and from your internal network. So lets say you are at work, and surfing Pr0n or something, you go through that instead, and all the network guys see is that site, not the ones you are actually viewing.

Lets you get around corprate firewalls too.
ok thanx bro, i havent been able to get into that site for 3 days, i have other ppl saying they are getting in no problem. i was able to but for some reason now i cant, i click on it and it says finding site. forever.... then the white page pops up saying the page cannot be displayed .... ive tryed everything dontknow what is wrong? :(
You can also try the one I use, megaproxy.com, does the same thing. And by the way, are you trying from work? If so, they may have figured out why people were using it and blocked the site.
Well if you were at work, they might have a firewall that was configured to not allow acccess to that site.
Technically they could, because you might use it to surf illegal web sites. I would call them and ask if they are blocking any sites. Also ask them if they use a caching server, they may have some problems in that.
i was trying the site again and at the bottom of the screen where it says finding site makemeinvisible.com, it changed and said detecting proxy settings. then went back to finding site makemeinvisible and then i got the white page cannot display the page. so if it said detecting proxy settings , is it my isp or can i turn that off myself?
you can check to see if they are enabled, go to tools and internet options, then connection tab, then click on the LAN settings button, uncheck EVERYTHING in there. Then apply it, and close IE then re-open and try it.
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