What is dirtect launch task master (Acer)


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What is dirtect launch task master (Acer)

I recently cloned my OS 1TB HDD to a Samsung EVO 120GB SSD. The SSD has been
working fine until recently windows media center (win7) has duplicated and sometimes triplicated the recorded TV shows thumbnails, (PC being used as a DVR) can't seam to find a solution for this issues.

So I unplugged the SATA power and DATA cables from my storage drives and the SSD
Then plugged in the old OS 1TB HDD expecting the sys. To bootup it never did.

What I saw was a green Acer screen w/ dirtect launch task master (Acer)
You're software is being installed please plug in you're power cord and do not turn off you're computer well the first all observed the progress bar move immediately to ¼ complete I let it run for ½ hour progress bar never moved so I canceled.

Second time I let it run for 1 hour same result no progress.

Third time I let run 2 hours same result.

I'm confused because why would this HDD need any SW I was planning on using this HHD as a spare for when the SSD failed.

My plan was to reclone the SSD w/ this old HDD in hopes of resolving the windows media center duplication issues.

Ended up reinstalling the SSD as it is.

Any suggestions
Thanks STB