What hard drive is faster?


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Okay, so from a previous thread you may have noticed my hard drive buggered up and have now replaced it.

To my surprise, my old hard drive was not a Sata II, which I thought it was. It was in fact a 10,000rpm Western Digital (which still has its warranty!).

I'd just like to ask, which one is faster? Because I think after reinstalling Vista it takes longer to load after I've entered my password in with my new Sata II which I didn't expect at all.

Also on Windows rating system (not that it's major) it rated my 10k rpm drive at 5.9 and now it's rating my new one at 5.6! :confused:

Thanks in advance.


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The Windows rating system is skewed. I wouldn't use it as a judge of HDD speed in it's entirety.

The 74GB WD Raptors are actually far slower than the modern drives of today - even the new 300GB VelociRaptor drives can't hold a candle to some of the 7200 RPM 1TB drives in many cases.

You didn't specify which hard drive you bought or replaced - are you just getting a replacement WD Raptor or did you get another one? You didn't reference the other thread...