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So, I had reinstall Xp, and looking into my program files I can still see all my games, programs and other things I had on my previous installment. Now they don't seem to really be on this computer, or to be active. Can anyone tell me how to move them over or make them active so I don't reinstall everything all over agian?
it is, when you reinstall XP it deletes the WINDOWS folder thus deleting the registry...so..you need to reinstall :S
To be honest guys, with this stuff I need instruction step by step cause I just get really irritated and I always fear of f-ing things up.
any installation ofr windows will remove you installed programs. You will have to re-install all your applications now. You can just install them into the same folders. You will also have to get any updates and patches to those programs.
I just need help trying to figure this out. I really need my applications and folders back on main. If someone is willing to help me and instruct me on what to do, that would be rad. Right now I'm over whelmed with frustration.
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