What does your chill spot look like?

The desk on the left is my workshop. It can get really garbage looking. I have ordered a lot of parts and have them all over the place. My computer desk is new. I just finished it a couple of months ago. I got the mat for it so glasses don't stain it and keeps the keyboard where it's supposed to be. Have a new keyboard coming, its rgb.
Thats bad!! I have three locomotives being rebuilt with DCC. Its slow and i have been damaging things sometimes. I use a magnifier to see the little parts. All kinds of parts to rebuild what i lost or damaged. Those parts are so small and its real easy to damage them. I use surgical tweezers to handle most of the parts.
OK, You have me beat!! I'm not sure if you can call that a workshop. My computer desk is hand made. Nice and neat. My workshop is just that, a Work Shop. It has a bit of everything on it, under it and around it. The other side of my computer desk is a large screen and surround sound system with Dish. The back wall has a 55 gallon fish tank that i want gone. I have only had one bite and no one else since. Next to that and the back wall is a model railroad layout. Sometime when i get them back into the computer i will post a couple of photos. The train layout is the biggest thing in the room. Its 8 feet X 7 feet. corner layout. I have a nice logging camp and sawmill and all it entails then the new piece will be a coalmine added on. Its still in planing. Thats the main reason i want the fish tank gone. Sorry i ever got into it. I got two of the laziest fish out there . Most of the time all i see is a empty tank. They hide most of the time. Can't get any other fish to beat them up or whatever as there too small and mine would look at them as food or whatever. Anyway i want them gone. I will get a few shots when i get pic's in the computer.
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