what do you think?


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Hey Currently Im building my Computer and I wanted your opinion on all the stuff im putting in it, My price range is 850 doller with what I still have to buy....here it is

**Already Puchased**

CASE: Linkworld Black/Silver ATX Mid Tower Case
PSU: Dont know name (but it is pretty heavy 420 watt)
Keyboard: ROSEWILL RKM800SLV Silver Desktop Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

**Still have to purchase**

MOBO: DFI LanParty NFII Ultra B Socket A
CPU: AMD Athlon Xp 2800 Barton core
RAM: kingston ValueRAM Dual Kits 184 Pin 512MB(256MBx2
HD: SAMSUNG 120GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive
DVD Burner: Rosewill 16X Double Layer DVD+/- RW
Sound Card: CHAINTECH 6-Channel PCI Sound Card
Speakers: YOMMO 5.1 Channel PC Home Theater System
TV Tuner: SABRENT TV Tuner Video Capture PCI Card
Video Card: EVGA nVIDIA GeForce 6600GT Video Card

Pick it out and tell me what you think... Try not to change to much of it.