What do you think of Web based IDE?

Hello everyone. I am conducting an academic research on the use of web based IDE. It will be of great help if you can give your suggestions. I have setup a survey regarding this. Please spare few minutes to answer them. Feel free to pass this survey to your friends.

Use this link to take the survey: University of Sussex - Web IDE Survey

Thank you for your time.


Fully Optimized
I appreciate the desire for answers to such surveys but it doesn't look great just signing up, posting a link and then leaving. Some would just plain class it as spam (and you may even get false results because people are fed up with this sort of thing, though I'm not that cruel.)

Feel free to stick around and get involved with the community, but otherwise please don't spam forums with such surveys. I know it's for uni, I know you need the data, but the only thing you'll achieve is perhaps muddying your results with annoyed forum users giving random answers.
I am not going to leave any of the forums that I have posted. Infact this research is giving me new friends and I don't want to miss them.