What do you thikn about photography?

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All Seeing Eye
just wondering what do you think about photography cause I watched a episode of Darma & Greg.. at least I think it was it..
just vote or write your opinion :)
Well, now that digital cameras are becoming more affordable, I'll be getting back into it. I have a little polaroid, I guess the equivalent to the kodak box cameras from years ago (without the picture quality however:rolleyes: ). But the kids enjoy it, and I have taken some very pathetic pics and made really kewl things in psp7 and photoshop when I've been bored! I would like to eventually have a camera of high enough quality to take pics for my own textures and backgrounds to use in 3ds max and the other graphics progs I have been playing with.
Old thread but...

Old topic, but thought photography people might find this iste pretty neat.

I think that photography is very important, both for documentation and just for expanding ones own interest/pleasure. Corbis Images, a Bill Gates privately owned company, is doing its best to get all the rights it can for all digital images it can lay its hands on. When I was there, they staffed the image processing room 24/7 and were buying up digital stock companies and had aquired the Bettman collection. They are up to over a million images online, and licence images to advertising companies, publishers, TV, news etc. http://www.corbis.com

I have always sorta been interested in photography-more so when you see images like this one:


These pics are better than anything I saw, (of insects and the like) than at Corbis...proves that bigger isn't necessarily better.

Chaparraltree is one of the more interesting sites I have stumbled upon. His site has bunches of cool pics like these, I think he is a biologist and a writer as well. Anyway, stunning very cool pictures taken with a multi-mega pixel camera...I don't remember the brand but he lists his camera specs.

I just need to save up money to get a descent digital camera, I haven't even began to shop for one. Can anyone recommend a good digital photography beginners site?
I did a report a while ago on Ansel Adams, the greatest photographer to ever live, and I must say that photography is a great art form, as long as you dont confuse it with pictorialism and documenting. I myself dont do any photography, but photo-manipulation is a lot of fun. :)
I love to photograph my Snakes. I actually think Im getting pretty good at it too.

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