What do I need to buy or do to cool down my cpu?

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My cpu is running hot. Very hot. During games we have to shut it off because it's getting up to 80 degrees celcius. What do I need to do or buy to cool it down? I already went into bios and maxed out the fan.

I have an AMD 3800 and a msi K8N-Neo4F

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wow thats seriosuly hot.

You have

A) Zalman CNPS9500

B) Sythce Ninja

C) Tuniq Tower

D) Big Typhoon

E) A64 Freezer PRO

I reccomend most of them.

I have the CNPS9500 and my cpu runs incredibly cool and I highley reccomend it. I also highley reccomend the tuniq tower.

and Do not forget to buy some Artic Silver 5.

Put a TINY grain of it on the middle of the cpu, and let the cpu heatsink spread it out.
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