What Chrome OS Will Probably Look Like

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What Chrome OS Will Probably Look Like

Google's Chrome OS is due for launch during the second half of this year. Although the UI is not finalized at all and still under heavy development, there have been screenshots of possible selections uploaded to the Chromium site. Check out the link for some pictures of what the window management and content browser might look like, and the reasons behind them.

Chromium — the open source project behind Chrome and Chrome OS — has been posting some conceptual screenshots of what the OS may look like. The Chromium site is full of reminders that the UI is under development and that "designs are subject to change", but I suspect that we'll see many of these ideas incorporated into the final builds of Chrome OS.
I do not trust it. google illegally got thier paws on data they weren't supposed to with the street-view wifi fiasco. There is no way in **** I would trust them with an OS.
I still don't trust that entirely, mabye from a feature standpoint, but from a security standpoint not really. somethin is so up with google.

google is the crazed stalker after you. he climbs the tree to your bedroom window and watches you undress. google also follows you to the grocery store and knows that you bought salami and forgot the cheese and the sour cream last night. they know what meds you take and knows you take viagra because they are best friends with the pharmacists.
Yea google are heading towards Evil slowly but every day they creep.

But no I would rather have my applicaions and data local and under my TOTAL control, I wish google would not give creadance to this ****ing cloud buzz the cloud is a bad idea VERY bad.
Yea, to be frank I have no problem with time sharing something that the industry is seeming to rediscover in this case and it's a solution for call centers and any other place that needs IT but not fully fleged computers (thin clients an the like) but what I am down right agenst is this whole bloody OK lets chuck together some PHP code keep the application on our servers and then data mine the **** out of peoples documents and take no responsibility for anything.

Security is another massive concern of mine, **** no system is perfect but I have lost count of the amount of times I have found a link on the internet to some ones google calendar containing all kinds of juicy information just open to the world - example one that will always stick in my mind is the woman I come across who left her full contact details on the internet for the nanny to be able to collect while she was away including the kids schedule along with doctors address and a appointment time and the address of the kids school.
that is scary. **** I think social networking sites are bad enough. I only have mine for limited family only use, but theres some people who leave everything out in the open completely.

its scary. one myspace page this one chick told everyone she was pregnant, had pictures of every step of it and even her doctor's contact details and the family contact info for all the key members of the family. everyone knew her cravings, how she felt that moment and everything. nothing was left in the shadows. I think she might have been a show off, but its still bad for the child.
Yea I did contact the woman in question and she had no idea and I helped her lock it down, and social networking is a plague that I wish would die a death especially when it comes to facebook, on my lan at home if you try and go to any social network on the list you get either redirected to Goatse or a page with the nedery animation from Jurassic park.
lovely dns redirect. I redirect all the annoying sites to funny ones as well. used to redirect them to this one guy who collects mac and cheese boxes.
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