What chipset and why?

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What motherboard chipset is the best for performance gaming-wise? I see this KT400 mobo that's PACKED with features. It's the GA-7VAXP. Any other recommendations for mobos or chipsets?
The nForce2 works higher performance on the newer CPU's utilizing the 333 MHz FSB - some to recommend are the ASUS A7N8X Deluxe and EPoX 8RDA+.
Do you have any idea of when that might be?:D I really want to build this computer during spring break, which is March 28-April 7. So that means I have to buy the parts in 3 or 4 weeks. And I don't want to wait until summer..but if these parts if you say will take that long to get all the issues addressed then I guess I'll have to wait :(.


I talked to some computer smart people..and they told me what chipset I got really didn't matter. Any thoughts on this?
I can't find any "problems" with the chipset..only rave reviews lol. Can you just talk to me one on one and blatantly tell me the problems?! That's probably asking to much lol.
I agree... I like the Via and the SIS chipsets... they have the best features for the price!
OK. I think I'm gonna get the A7N8X (not deluxe, I'm cheap) with the Nforce2 chipset. It seems as though all bugs are worked out.. So...anyone to stop me? :D
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