What cds are you using for burning?

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Hey, I'm just wondering..
What cds are using for burning?
(Company, Mg\Min, paper-case\plastic-case\thin-jewel-case\regular-jewel-case, cd's top burning speed).

thanks alot, please answer it... aspecially the part of the cases..
Well currently im using:

Verbatium Colour Disc, CD-R: 700MB, 1x-24x, Super Azo, Slim plastic cases.

I often use Verbatium they are a very reliable disc and rarly evey stuffup.

Why do you ask?
azury what about you?

I ask, cause I've two of my friends who doesn't agree with me and two who does, and the other don't mind.
I'm using DCDline cds (Israeli great company - costed 0.5 Euro per cd), 700MG/80Min, 2-48, and a thing jewel case.
I really like these thin jewel cases, though the other two preffered the plastic ones..
I'm just wondering to hear some other's opinions..
I tend to use maxell's or tdk's for music. I find that most generics are sufficient for regular data, my favorite has to be (at the moment) smartchoice generics that are sold at compusmart, they haven't coastered on me once. I would like to try those new black cds though.... I buy the regular thick jewel cases to put all my install and vital disks in for storage. Regular data and music disks I store in slims. I also picked up a couple of 12-cd holder hard sided flip cases for my games as the kids have them in and out of the cases so often. They're not sleeves, they're actual plastic nubs and are flexible.. less wear and tear on the disks and regular cases that way. For the life of me I can't remember what they're called but I picked them up at Zellers...
Maxell and Verbatim. I put music on both, but seems to do best with the Maxell.

I've tried several generic, buy a bunch for an extremely low amount, but I end up wasting about 30% of 'em when they don't burn correctly.

I love the slims, and generally buy them. But I use both.

Has anyone used the small, soft plastic cases? (They're slightly larger than the CD and very thin.)

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