what CD-R/W Drive Spped do you have?

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48x12x48x LiteOnCDRW, and 16x LiteOn DVD, but i am getting a 52x24x52x in the next few weeks
Lite-on 40x12x48 here. The best one I ever had.

Not one coaster since using it. Under £50 in the u.k.

I burn from hard drive @ 40

From audio disks on the fly @ 32
I have an 8x4x32 generic comstar... I don't see the point in having any higher burning speed anyway, I never burn above 4 for data or 2 for audio, it compromises the data integrity and increases your chances of creating a nice coaster you can throw in the mic to watch it spark arcs in rainbow colours......
Tell you the truth raven... When you have a Burner that is not generic, and you have one that supports higher speed, and perhaps even you use brand name CDR's.... very rarely do you have coasters anymore.

I burn at 32x quite often with a lite-on, and I use PNY Black diamond CD's and I am yet to have a coaster in this burner, or any data loss.
Actually, to be fair, I haven't had a single coaster since I started using nero.... the only disk that didn't turn out was the afore mentioned backup I attempted to make of my simcity. With the other burn software I've used, the quality of disk does not seem to have made any difference in the amount they coastered. They just coastered at random. Though I am also thinking that this may also have been due in part to the crappy fujitsu hd I had in at the time (it's one of the ones in the massive recall). Hmmm, the things you realize when you're writing... I don't think I've had a coaster at all since I installed the new seagate hd in Oct. I'm mostly self-taught when it comes to anything to do with the comp... so any direction or opinion from those with more experience is very welcome:)
Yea, the reason you were getting costers is because your system (IE hard drive) was unable to keep up with the CD-burner's buffer.
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