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hey i was just curious what the temps of everyone elses processor was running at. My main computer runs at 45-47 C idle/50-52 C under load.
You can always download hardware monitoring software from your motherboard manufacturer, or look through the BIOS setup to check, but only *if* your mobo has support for such a feature, which has been like pretty much forever, unless you have one of those retail-manufactured PC's or Dell's.
Wow, you guys are some good system coolers. My system runs at about 52 C during use. (Im may buy a 92mm fan for the top of my case this weekend, which I hope will help a little.)
Actually I got a 'more-cramped' mid-tower case, but it has support for an exhaust and intake fan, at least. The real deal is the fact that I keep my room usually quite cold, especially during the summer with A/C. :p I use a cheap $8 CoolerMaster fan, however. :p

Other temps:

PIII-600E (Coppermine) - 25-28 idle, 30-33 load
Celeron 700@874 - 24-28 idle, 30-35 load
Athlon TBird 1000 - 32-35 idle, 38-43 load
Athlon TBird 1200 - 36-39 idle, 40-45 load
P4 1600@2000 (Willamette, PGA478) - 30-35 idle, 38-43 load

Generally, as power requirements go up, ambient temperature may go up as well, however, even though the P4 3.06 consumes a whopping 82W, the surface temp. is specified never to exceed 42 degrees C, and it pretty much goes for the rest of the P4's despite the intense power requirements. The earlier PII's were hot demon's as well though.
my reading is around 42c to 45c, even after playing two hours of games, do you guys think i can add 200mhz to my processor without adding a fan?:D
AthlonXP 1600+: 35-38C Idle, 42-44C Load
And I have NO Case Fans! Just a crazy looking (and quiet) Zalman CNPS-6000cu

Also, if you're interested - PII 350mhz: 38-40C Idle, 42-45C Load
This comp has no fans, just a big Alpha heatsink.
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