What are you listening to/watching now?

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I use NetFlix and they have all the different Star Trek Shows. Right now i am at 3ed season #6, for Star Trek Enterprise. Plan to watch the DS-9 next. There is 7 seasons of Next Gen Enterprise I am watching first. I watches the original shows with Captain kirk, bones and Spock 3 seasons of that. After Voyager there is another one but can't remember what its name is. Then...I will find something else. I watched all the Harry Potter series the week before so i am catching up. I have all the star trek movies. Not sure what is next to watch. Guess i will figure out when i get there


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No, doesn't look like you can do that much for free. $10/month for 2TB.

I pay $70/year for Backblaze where I have 18TB of movies backed up.
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