What are the jumper definitions on a HDD?


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There is DS,CS,PK, and Rsvd.

I figured out the PK means park, and Rsvd means reserved, but i don't actually understand what it means to put the jumpers on those sections on the HDD.

What do CS and DS mean? What does it mean when you put the jumpers on them? I was noticing all this when i took my maxtor hdd from a few years ago and hooked it up to my 667 mhz box as a slave, i think i moved the jumpers around correct, but only by luck. Does anyone have more info about this?


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CS means cable select. You don't let the drive decide if it is master or slave, you let the cable....select!
DS means that if you set a jumper there, you make the drive master, if not it is considered a slave:: same as if you would put the jumper in PK> Park