What are some functions of windows


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I'm a total newbie, and while I know are the really basic functions of the windows ( like saving documents), I feel that I'm missing a lot. Is there any way to learn about other aspects like the registry and ports (some names I saw while browsing)? I've seen information about specific fuction on the web when I searched for it, but is there something that tells you everything your computer can do?

Also, I'm wondering about how I should deal with virus. I found some files that with wierd names that I'm pretty sure are virus, but they can't be deleted, and norton security just passed over it!


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You say basic functions of windows?

Are you talking about Windows as an operating system (windows XP / Vista / 7 Etc) or talking about windows products?

You mentioned saving documents etc, I take it you mean Microsoft word etc? Thats a program, not a piece of the operating system (so to speak)

The operating system itself is basically the way the computer communicates between the application software / hardware, and the Display (The GUI - Graphical user interface), the folders, control panels etc etc.

Is there any functions you would like to do for example to give us an idea what you mean, or care to elaborate a bit more??

As for the virus, run this: http://www.malwarebytes.org/ Its free and pretty good!

Also free and worth a try is this:


Get back to us if you need more!


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Where are those files with weird names? When I was a newb at this stuff, I wrecked my computer's installation because I got weird ideas about a virus and deleted a whole lot of files.


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There is to simply . There is a given tutorial lesson
after istalling the window . You just go through it.