What are Automation and Its benefits?


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Hi @JoelKoltner a tad bit late to reply but hopefully this still reaches you. The benefit of automation is pretty self-explanatory–you create a systematic approach to doing something that can be repeated over and over. This process is then converted to an equivalent set of sequences or logic using any automation software.

Basically, the main benefit that you get is that it shortens the time that you would need to spend on doing something.

For example, you have a basic spreadsheet system. In that spreadsheet–you have someone who records a list of contacts, after listing all that contacts, you have someone that qualifies whether that contact should or shouldn't be there, and finally, you have someone that sends an email to those filtered contacts.

If you were to automate this entire process–you'd only need to have someone who checks the automated message for the email process.

Some more concrete examples: I used to work for online paralegal services. A lot of what we do is drafting business contracts, offering coaching sessions for e-commerce businesses in copyright and plagiarism claims, and creating other online legal stuff like privacy policies.

Let's take privacy policy as a primary example. You know that every single website has a privacy policy, right? I doubt that everyone writes that from scratch–right? That's already a form of automation: using templates.

Whenever you're not doing things completely on your own, that is a form of automation and it saves you time, energy, and resources.

Hope this makes sense!
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