What Antivirus And Malware Do You Use?

What Antivirus & Malware Do You Use?

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Joe C

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Great Lakes State
I use Bit Defender because it was rated as top protection. I watched an actual test against malware web blocking and downloaded threats and received an outstanding score so I decided to try it and began using the protection on the Windows 10 laptops.
Bit Defender is one of the top 5 A/Vs you can get.
They offer a free version too.


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I am not using any since ISP filters most of the virus.
Thought Kaspersky was the best.
In my experience especially in corporate environment with 25 people working 24 hours with pictures, Kaspersky is the best.
I used to use Kaspersky but years ago was told Americans were prohibited from using it because our government thought our users were being spied on by the Russian government. Kaspersky was my very favorite and I miss using it.

I uninstalled Bitdefender and just used the built-in Windows security to prevent a slow down. It normally does a good job anyway.
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