Well ventilated Cases.


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Hi everyone,
Going through a different service now and so can choose from any case I wish. The main feature is that it is very well ventilated. I've seen the Aspire X-Navigator and my god that is an awesome looking case, but at £128 i'm not so sure, even though it does come with a 500w powersupply.
Also the Aspire Xplorer is really nice, thats £65 without a power supply and has less fans... 'Great'.
I'm wondering, is it worth paying this much for a case? It looks awesome but i've heard its loud and well that price is quite OTT for my liking.
Can anyone else recommend an awesome case with no PSU or a powerful one at least?


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I have an aluminum Raidmax case with 6 fans (one LED) and it is very well ventilated. My front two fans take air in, the two in the back push out, the side window fan goes in and the top fan goes out, keeps things very cool.