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Hey I'm back, and everything went pretty well with the upgrades and mods. I now have the MCR 320 (triple 120mm rad), EK Supreme HF plexi cpu block, an EK DDC X-Res Top 140/swiftech mcp 355 combo, Silverstone Raven RV-01BW case, 4x 4inch UV cold cathodes, and everything is fitted with 1/2" ID barbs and tubing (oh and 6x MASSCOOL 79.8 cfm 120mm fans in a stacked (push/pull) configuration on the rad. The HDD died, so I have to wait for the replacements (2 WD caviar black 640gb for RAID0 striped) on Monday so I can start benching. In the bios in OC state which is completely idle, I get 4.0ghz @ 27c (25c ambient) (1.393v), and 4.515ghz @ 31c (26c ambient) (1.431v). Previously when at 4.0ghz on my old LC setup I got 38c in the bios. To get these readings I boot to the Windows disk, run the memory diagnostic while monitoring with the MSI LCD tool provided with the mobo (temps, voltages, speeds, time/date, etc in real time), then reboot into the bios and wait 1 hour (while in the bios) before recording the temps. I already did a 12 hour cold run to test for leaks, as I was cautious of the hermie clamps they sent me instead of the traditional hose clamps that I ordered. So far this full computer upgrade seems to have made a big difference, especially since I was using an ASEtek (Corsair H50 equivalent) single 120mm rad- 5/16 tubing(2x13" tubes)- no res- all in one cpu liquid cooler. I'll know more when the HDDs get here and I can bench. I would like to thank Burn and Hefe for their help.

Here are the pictures...

Hahahaha, I know it's horrible. I have aSony Cyber-shot DSC-T70, but I lost the battery when I moved out of the barracks. I ordered a replacement battery, so the bad pictures should be a thing of the past, come Monday.
Well, here is a new photo. I've run into an OC wall with the memory, I intend to fix it shortly with some faster rated RAM.


I call her Zelus, or Latin for Jealousy. I still need to complete a mod or two before I'm done, and I can redo the wires/cables, and I plan to replace the 2 180mm fans with better ones, and the mod is installing a backplate to stop the rad fans from messing up the gpu airflow. Obviously the case wasn't designed to accommodate the Twin Frozr coolers on my videocards.
It's stable at 4.420ghz, 1.44v. The ram is overvolted, but doesnt like to run more than 1682mhz. The temps are great, and idle at 36c, the AS5 hasnt burned in yet so max isnt recordable yet. I'm guessing going by current figures, I can expect 63c-70c load.


This proc is a voltage hog compared to it's big brother (the i7 9XX series). Still, a 57.893% overclock over stock is good though......until I get better RAM...lol.


Okay, the back plate/window is installed, I just need to procure a hot glue gun or caulking gun. I have successfully replicated the amount of airflow in my previous case that was way different in structure. The back window/air barrier works great, in conjunction with the higher cfm replacement fan, at the bottom, under the grill below the gpus. Temps on the videocards went down drastically. Next will be routing the wiring/cabling out of sight. Please keep in mind that I dont have any "proper tools" or a workbench/garage. When I do though, be sure that the quality of future mods will change accordingly.
I suppose these are the last set of pictures I'll post before I am completely done. I hope you enjoy, and feel free to tell me what you think. This was done with screwdrivers, a dremmel tool w/ reinforced cutting disc, the original window from my old AZZA Solano 1000 case, a ruler for measuring/ marking, low tack painter's tape, and some elbow grease. I plan on including black rubber trim on the back window. I am also open to suggestions.... My eventual upgrades include another triple 120mm rad (stackable), a tecnofront airbox 360, 1/2" ID elbow barbs (then I can turn the rad around), and a rad shroud.


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Did that case come with grommets for the tubing holes? Or are those holes not sharp enough to damage the tubing?
The case won't hurt the tubing, they have 1/4" walls so there isn't really any chance of the case cutting through that.
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