Well, I think I just blew out my processor somehow

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I smelled like a burning rubber smell..but I ignored it...and like 20 seconds later, computer shuts down. When I try to open it back, all I hear is a short "zzzz" and then it goes off. I don't even know what happened exactly. My computer has been working for 8 months, then it just suddenly breaks.

Well, everything looks fine. I'm no computer expert, but I see that everything looks connected and stuff. The power supply is hot. Is that normal? Maybe it won't power up because of the power or something? mm... nothing is burnt as I can see it. For some reason, everything else appears fine... The LEDs on the mouse/ethernet ports are on. Its just the whole computer wont "power" on.. maybe power supply?

my case is a Signa ATX42-500 that came with a 300Watt power

Your power supply is....... dead.

I may suggest getting one of higher quality, preferably from Antec or Enermax.
Is it easy to install power supply? I have no knowledge in building computers or have ever build one. It is the big square on the top back of your computer correct? The one where it has a fan in it. You use screws to unscrew it?
And if you happen to use one of those really crappy mini-tower cases, you may need to remove all panels which cover the case in order for the PSU to be removed.
I believe you must take precautions when handling with electrical parts. I've read a few guides and they mention something about "grounding" yourself.. I know this may sound stupid, but does grounding mean touch any metal nearby so that the static will flow out of you or something?
Well, I went out and bought a $60 Antec 350watt power supply. It fixed the problem. So it was the power supply. And for some reason this power supply has additional fans and better than the crap I was using before. So now my temps are like 10 degrees lower.

I'm probably gonna buy another one of these and use it for my brother's athlon xp computer which gets pretty hot. Now my degrees are about 25C idle, 30C load on a p4. I hope if I get another one for my bro's case it will cool it down also because he has a crappy psu!
k..i need some help.About 2 weeks ago i was using my computer and it shut down for no reason. So i call my
computer company and they say its my power supply and its burned out. So i go to Frys and instead of buying
a new power supply, I buy a new case with a power supply already in it. I have computer experience so i decide i should move the motherboard and all that other stuff to the new case. Anyways like i said i never did do that before so im not a pro on it.
Anyways u guys gotta help me cuz i cant get the computer to get fixed somewhere (dont ask m e y).. So what i did is move the motherboard and all the stuff in it an dthen connect some wires and ya...i see 3 small wires which say something like...........H.D.D Led
Power SP, and Power led or watever i forgot.Anyways i connect them and i finnaly get the power thing right and when i try to turn on the pc i hear this sound like the power supply is trying to work then shuts off...plz tell me whats wrong...
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