Well hello there.........


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Hello Brothers and sister's !

Its good to be here ! I look forward to basking in your collective wisdom and knowledge ! such is the awesome power of ze global brain ( Internet )

Im Kamilo ! well thats what I choose to go by at the moment,I mean, What Is in a name, a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet !:lol:

Ok , some statistical information on me, so we can build some kind of abstract image and even a little rapport. Im 33 years old, a jack of all trades and a master ov none lol , well maybe a little bit of a master of my currant muse , which is making novelty cakes, and sculpting fondant into figures for the cakes, I find its one of the more interesting and creative things Ive done for a while. And I enjoy it !

I have always had and old head on a young body, literally I look ten years older than I am lol, always did, when i was twelve I past for being at least 18, crazy yeah, but thats a story for another time. I been around the block, the university ov life , that old chestnut !
I have done work ranging from carpentry furniture design and restoration at a young age ( my late fathers business) I was a dancing barman for about 2 weeks, worked in a Casino for 2 years. Then I worked for Toyota manufacturing for a few years, and every other low paid meaningless temporary job going ! Its taught me so much , and had so many crazy experiences ! I was a construction labourer for a few years ! working alongside my close friend a rasta from Birmingham, basically spent most of that 2 years high as a kite everyday, including building the new magistrates courts, smoking big fatties on the roof at lunch, only to find myself in the very cells I had worked on, a while after, only on some minor traffic offences ! hahahahaahah

Im telling you this cause, well cause Im an open book. Im an honest guy with nothing to hide. Let he who is without sin cast the 1st stone eh ! Sadly I have suffered quite a bit iin this currant fascist totalitarian system we live under in the west, more so ov late ! Sadly I couldnt handle our inept creativity destroying school system. So from the age of 8 when I was kicked out ov my primary school, I drifted in and out of education for many years after ! But I know realize that was a good thing, because i actuaally understand far more , and know more than most of the people I know who went through it !

Omg ! Im writting my life story here , lol , well bit more grit that the usual hello !
I love life, I love people ! I love learning and playing with new concepts and ideas and philosophies ! Im extremely bright and very open minded ( hence I couldnt fit in with schoo)

Im trying to come back into computers and IT in a big way now, its something I want to master ! I was an avid gamer as a kid, thanks to my older brother lol, my 1st system was the sega master system, et al Wonder Boy ! oh just thinking of it now brings tears to my eyes! And then onwards and upwards through all the later systems ! I always always had a keen interest in the industry, the hardware and design concepts, I really wished I had got into computing much earlier !!!!

My older brother was close friends with the team behind Larah Croft tomb raider in Derby, Core Design ! He got offered work himself , and also took another path. Ahhhh the great regrets. I mean the industry is a different place since then, Im talking about 15 to 18 years ago !

Anyways , growing up and dealing with the utter crazyness of the world, meant I fell out of love with gaming, I mean what REAL man has that kinda time in life to such things, lol, joke. I didnt get into PC computing til late on sadly, but when I did, its was like I knew my way around pretty quickly, and anything I wasnt sure about I could easily find the information. Well the last few years have been tough on me, And I neglected to really push myself or learn anything new and constructive in the pc world, which is a poor choice I think. Yeah I just got by using my computer for the minimum things, just downloading lots of files n stuff:whistling:

Well think thats more than enough about me,I could go on, but probably noboddy would want to talk to me after that !

Oh just thought of how I wanted to end on this little note!
The world is rapidly changing, and not all for the good, yeah sometimes its just how you look at it, is your glass half full or half empty, I can be a glass half empty kinda guy myself, because of my history and upbringing. But there is definitely a guiding force at the highest echelons of power in this world, yeah there always has been, to a point ! But never has there grip been so complete ! I mean look at the bloody speeches given by Eisenhower, Kennedy, etc etc

They pretty much spelled it out for people ! And since then the American government has been completely consolidated ! Surely most logical thinking people can see that. I am getting to my point alas, that is, that it is the duty of those who know and understand this, to be part of the struggle against such things, to help there fellow man, and those who can not help themselves ! Im not talking CONSPIRACIES ! Im talking researchable facts ! There is a war on for your mind, part of that is the war on internet freedoms ! Since the way I see it, is that for a good few years before the internet. The powers that be had the monopoly on propaganda ie the TV , and that was where the masses got all there information ! It still is to a point, only now the internet has allowed people to connect globally and share alternative ideas, that are not allowed in the mainstream, and access to information on History and government and political ideologies ! And there is a sea change in the collective subconscious. Knowledge is power they say, I agree ! And hence I want to be able to fully utilise and protect this amazing tool we have created, because I feel this could the force for revolution in the world ! I truly do feel that in my heart !

Now If anyone reading this feels the same, or feels inspired, and would take me under there wing and show me the ways of the force, that would be great, or at least just give me a little helping hand !

I have just installed Ubuntu 13.04 back on my computer ! I was just getting to grips with it last year, sadly before my dad past away, which pushed me into a dark place from which I havent yet fully escaped. But I was inpired by some of the fundamentals of the philosophy ov linux ! And hope to get a copy of a book called, taking back control of your computer, or something like that ! lol , I have been familiar with the reality of windows since I was young, how it was vunerable, because of all its back doors, and all the programs designed to spy on you and everything you do, which is highly unethical , but sadly a recent trend in all software now.

I have so much to learn in regards of command lines, and linux etc etc, but I am a strong warrior hahahahahahahahahahah

One love my brothers and sisters !


Welcome! Sorry but that was just too much to read. But I got the first part and last part. All i need to know, Enjoy ur stay :D