Welcome New Owner: Larry

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Monster Techie
The new owner of Tech-Forums.net is Larry.

Larrys intentions for the site are nothing but perfect. I trust Tech Forums in his hands even more than my own. That in itself should indicate how much I trust his intents. However, I will let Larry tell you all what his intentions are, and his plan of action to get it there.

Everyone welcome Larry as the new owner!!!

Welcome Larry,

You've stepped into good things here, Chop's done a lot of good stuff around, hope that you can take the site forward as Chop was doing.

Best of luck!

Yes, Chopper have done a really great job.. not more then preserving his great job is needed, I guess ;)
Welcome on board gentle Larry (I hope you aren't as pervertive as the Larry from Sierra, lols.. ;))..
Thanks for the warm welcome!!!

As a person who makes his living in technology I understand and fully support the importance technical discussion forums is an integral part of everyday life. To that end it is my intention to continue to build on the great success that Chopper has given to the site.

My partner and my underlying goal for this site is to enable it to be the best resource for tech information.

Over the next several weeks we will be further communicating our specific goals this site, which will focus around:
1.) Increase the features and benefits on the website.
2.) Grow and foster a strong community so the community can help each other and all that use the website.

We will do this by gathering as much input and suggestions for you (the existing members and users) and implementing many of our own ideas.

Again, thanks for welcoming us to the community and I really look forward to making this a better place, even though it currently is a great place.

Not open for further replies.
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