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Daemon Poster
Hello. I just saw this and thought that i would post something in here, becuase i am new to this website.
  • I like Linux
  • I dislike windows..it always pisses me off.
  • I like cheese.
  • I like Pepsi.
  • I code HTML
  • I've done some VB about 4 years ago.
  • i'm 22
  • a male
  • and drive an imported car.
  • i like Linux, alot.

Hey good to have you man! Its nice to have some more linux users on the forum!
Yea, i know what you mean about linux users, sometimes it seems that were far and few between. At work i'm the only person that runs linux...I lfeel like an outcast..hehehe. Oh well i like it..
I am not Dissin' Linux

Thanks for the welcome Shan. It seems like I have known you for minutes (heh).
Not open for further replies.
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