weird memory problem

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on their 8rda+? i'm not getting much help from any body,but the situation is i can only run my setup with my memory in dimm one. all attempts to use dual channel end up in a no boot with a siren sound. it seems i can't run any memory in dimm two or three. i'm using xms3200 corsair cas 2. am i missing a setting or what? the system runs fine with me using dimm one. is there any software that would tell me if my meory slots are fried?
Are you able to Boot if something is in Slot 2 but nothing is in slot 1?
Does it only happen when more than 1 chip is in?
If not then you most likely have a bad board.

I believe a program called SiSoft Sandra can run a burn in and find out if the slot is bad.
yes it only happens when more than i1 stick is in. anything other than dimm one my system won't boot
winxp pro
bios 8RDA3129
epok 8rsa+
amd 2600+ 333fsb
2 256 meg sticks of corsair xms3200 cl2
i've checked both sticks in dimm 1, but if i put in memory in dimm 2 or 3 my computer won't boot even if no memory is in dimm 1
two beeps then high pitched siren sound. tried at 333 and 200 . auto and spd
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