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Harsh Pranami

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:mad: Friends please help.I am not able to access my antivirus i.e. quick heal website for updating virus definitions and also the microsoft website.Whenever i try to open these pages it displays server not found.Whereas i am able to access all the other websites.I am using xp sp1 and quick heal as antivirus .


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I came across a virus/spyware once that blocked access to anything (including installed programs, websites, etc...) that had the words anti, virus, antivirus, spyware, or antispyware in them.

Here is what I did.

Download a program called superantispyware, on another computer and save it on a flash drive as something without those words in it (for example: fluffyKitty.exe).
Run this setup on your infected computer.
Once it's done installing, you have to change the name of the actual application exe that was installed, just like you did for the setup. Once you rename it, re-boot your pc and run the renamed application.

It should take care of most of it.

This is just what it sounds like, perhaps someone else can give you more insight, but to confirm, try to go to on your pc, see if you get a server not found type error.

Hope this helps.


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First thing i would say is to update to SP3, why are you still using SP1 and when was the last time you updated your system?
If your still having issues after updating and rebooting the PC then let us know.