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I need to find a VPS provider for one of my clients. This will make my positions more stable and I can get some expansion, that is why I have to find a decent provider with reasonable price, and I would appreciate the help.

I do not know the reason, but they do not want to go specialized providers like VPSLand, probably because of need of further upgrades, but still,...

I have noticed webhostingbuzz.com is currently offering a discount for their services (which meet the price requirements - ≤ 40 dollars - even with the full price) and this company was several times considered by me for other clients, but I wish to know how is their VPS...

I also would appreciate any reasonable alternatives for this.

Thanks in advance.


Well, I had no experience with this hosting provider and can't tell you about the quality of its services. As an alternative, check out serverpoint.com VPS hosting offers. You will get the second month for free.


Think dedi from Iwhic.com will be worth your attention, it's a good alternative to any company, their dedis costs only starting at $59/mo.
That's Intel Celeron 2.4Ghz.


If you are looking for reliable company which offers good VPS hosting plans, I suggest you to broaden your search first of all and make a kind of comparison analysis. As for suggestion, check out webintellects.com VPS hosting offers. It offers both Linux and Windows web hosting at competitive price.


Was hosted on the shred hosting of webhostingbuzz.com and can say thie service is really decent. If they fit your requirements, go ahead - the company should justify your hopes.


webhostingbuzz.com makes an impression of the quality and professional hosts.. ten of eleven reviews I read today on customerhostingreviews.com were positive with highest marks and recommendation. I believe their VPS are one of the most attractive.


Well, I think that it would be more reasonable to deal with serverpoint.com as it offers a comprehensive range of VPS hosting plans to choose from and you will also get the second month for free.


You know glowhost.com offers nice VPS deals too.
You may use their discount to get them cheaper - 2FREEMONTHS.


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webhostingbuzz.com is known for quality and stability, so I think their VPS are not worse than their shared hosting, being prety stable and qualifies.


Good company must be as so many people are talking about it!

However, you must have an alternatives to make the choise wider and sight more objective. Try looking through the offers of hostjava.net - the good VPS provider with sorta specialization on java hosting, though suitable fo any other type and cheap.

Other way can be go for the more expensive and highly professional hosting offered by globaltap.com, especially for those who are expecting for upgrade in future.