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I am wondering that what is the regulations for downloading the images,music....etc from google ? I have just started doing web design and sometime i will download some images from google.com and use that as the web page background or graphic effect.

Is that illegal or against the copyright ? If i embed a music or song to the web page from my cd, is that against the copyright too ? I really have to find out this questions before i get in troubles.

Thanks and any comments will be appreciated.


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It depends. Usually it's alright, but sometimes you need to get permission from the webmaster in order to use his or her image. Especially if you're running a for-profit website.


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Are you talking about the images from Google itself, or images returned in an image search? If it's the latter, then you (strictly speaking) need to contact the copyright holder and request permission if it's not explicitly granted already.

That said, as said above if it's a not for profit site / personal site / site small enough that no-one will ever care, it's very unlikely anyone will make a fuss.


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I use a lot of things I find out there for backgrounds and widgets on my web sites. I put up a disclaimer stating if anything on this forum belongs to you and you want me to remove it, just drop me a line and I'll take care of it.
So I do acknowledge that some materials are in question. But I also acknowledge that I'm flexable.
Anime and website widgits are a lot different from say a photograph of something taken by a professional photographer. If they say you can't use it, they mean it. Anime artists don't normally make a fuss. Thier artwork gets out to the public faster through the fan channels.
As for the widgits, I usally look for goodies at the free sites. If you look real close at the 3 styles I made at my forum, you'll find a lot of freebies are used. I crop and rotate them to suite.
Just use common sense when nabbing goodies.