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i have windows xp and all my webpages are too wide for my screen. i have to scroll across them to read the whole page. any suggestions. i'm fairly new to all of this. thanks
Right click on the desktop. Go to properties. Now, click on the settings tab. Use the slidebar to change your screen resolution to something much higher than you're at. Play with different resolutions, but for starters, most people work at 1024x768.
try one of the following things:
Go to ie, hold down the alt key and then move the mouse pulley up, decresing the letters size.
if that doesn't work, what surely work is going to the desktop and changing the resolution, but you may not want to this (I hate high resolution).
the last suggestion from me now, is pressing on the ie->tools->internet options->advance-> look for a hint.

Cheers (B) m8!
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