WD harddrives which one?

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im really confused by WD drive model numbers

i picked 5 harddrives that seem to have same exact specs

Brand Western Digital
Series Caviar SE16
Interface SATA 3.0Gb/s
Capacity 500GB
RPM 7200 RPM
Cache 16MB
Average Seek Time 8.9ms
Average Write Time 10.9ms , 8.9ms
Average Latency 4.2ms
Form Factor 3.5"

but different model numbers
they are pretty close in price which one would you guys suggest?
and why?

heres the link

Newegg.com - Computer Parts, PC Components, Laptop Computers, Digital Cameras and more!


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ones retail, ones open box, ones free shipping, that type of little stuff, just get the cheapest 500GB harddrive you can find, they are all under warenty so your safe unless you like taking apart your hard drives or something.


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from what sources are you gettin it besides your personal usage?
i used maxtor before and they are prettey stable for first year or so and then they go down
so i red alot of reviews and comparissons and about 80% of them said WD drives are better reliability than seagate and maxtor was actually on last places as far as reliability (with few exceptions)
i fact all my drives before this year were maxtors and at this point all have issues
2 WD drives i have used for about 8 months so far are ok.

im not lookin for extra cool "usefull" options hard drive is a hard drive .
but i do want a very reliable drive that under normal use like filetransfer pictures/videos/music will last me few years

i also have alot of image files i take alot of pictures is there any specific thing i should look for so it works with alot of small files better

because i disables the image cache and it takes whole 5 seconds to show thumbnails

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seagate seems more reliable...here's why
aside from personal opinion, it is like this...Western Digital started getting into this trend of doing this and that, then they started churning out My Books. You can just do a general search on Western Digital My Book quality and you'll see why.

if you like a brand, that's fine you won't be swayed by varying opinions...but i experienced a WD my book lemon...did a search and came to the conclusion that they have high lemon percentages...the my book was my sister's thankfully (for me)

Live Search: western digital my book doesn

Western Digital My Book Pro Edition II sucks! at Tom Raftery's Social Media

in the latter, you can see how many people have issues with WD.

Western Digital used to be bar none, "good" but now they are iffy. They spread themselves quite thin in my opinion. My internal boot drive is a seagate, however I do use an external WD esata/usb drive. The catcher is that it's WD inside, but it's a "cavalry" drive.

That is why I think WD has quality issues...a high rate of mass production with little QC results in lots of lemons.

BUT so long as any product has a decent warranty, go with anything ;)


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hmm i think thats exactly what i heard about seagate when i was putting my pc together. and i do remember seagate beeing very high quality in the past.
or mabe were just past the quality time and into the limited warranty time where **** breaks 2 months after warranty expires.
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