Wats With these Mice!(Computer Mice)


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well i was looking at mice cuz of the new computer im building and i settled with some razor mice

I am not going wireless cuz i hate the weight of the batteries

I am Right handed and i wanted to get a right handed mouse
But the one razor that is corded and right handed doesnt have a few features the other Both handed ones have

i dont no if the some of the features are better to have (ex. Gold Plated USB)
so i decided to ask u guys
Heres the link to the comparison
Fred :D


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Really the only difference between the two on the left are gold plated USB (I'll explain that in a minute) and just right handed vs dual handed.

What makes gold plated nice is it is a better conductor of electricity than aluminum or even copper. By plating the connector in gold, you are able to get a better connection than you normally would. Same reason why some headsets for MP3 players are gold plated.


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I have a logitech wireless mouse with back and forward buttons on it for the internet and its pretty decent , yeah its heavier than most mice buts its also rechargeable so the battery cost is eliminated
The only reason i got this one was cos it was a present as far as i remember , either that or it was real cheap on offer
When getting a mouse i want something big . I dunno if i my hands are big but i defiantly want something that fills my hands rather than some little fiddly thing . I have a small mouse for my laptop and although it does the job it isn't ideal for everyday usage or prolonged usage cos its so small ,
But yeah usually a mouse is down to personal preference . Before this one i had a cheap o store generic mouse that was quite big as well


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Um...the mice are designed to work with your left or right hand. I have the green Copperhead mouse, I'm using it right now, and let me tell you it's great. It's incredibly responsive compared to a standard mouse, and it's awesome for gaming.

The best thing about it though, is the on the fly sensitivity adjustment. Using 2 of the side buttons you can adjust the sensitivity anytime. So say you're using a Battle Rifle in Halo, which you probably want high sensitivity for to be able to quickly turn around. But then you pick up a sniper, where you might want a lower sensitivity for accuracy. You quickly hit the side button, and you're good.

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Just to let you know, the only difference between those four Razer Copperheads listed is the color. They all have the exact same specifications and features. Newegg has the descriptions goofed up for some reason. For better descriptions of the mouse go to the website: Razer Copperhead. :D