Wat Is The Best Graphic Card For BattleField 2


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i have a cheap but good another card to run the game a gefore fx 5200 but it does struggle. so wat would you say is the best card for the game and that is int like 300 pound


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you can get 6800gt for 300 pounds, pounds are worth more than us dollars so im sure you can get 6800gt. i have one and it runs battlefield with everything maxed out at 1280 resolution with 64 people perfectly smooth fps. only thing is i need more ram. i mean the fps is really perfectly smooth. with 64 people on the demo i was looking at the whole map from the corner (all settings maxed out at 1280 resolution) and it was perfectly smooth no where near the 30 fps area. there was like no difference going from a 16 player server to a 64 player server. People only by 7800gtx to play at 1600 resolution with crazy amounts of aa and af. Oh i forgot my aa and af was maxed too at 1280 resolution with everything else maxed. the 7800gtx is only for resolutions higher than 1600 and like 8x aa which in pointless for me, my monitor is 1280 resolution max. 1280 is pretty good resolution its only 1 step below 1600. Im pretty sure 6800gt can handly 1600 too but my monitor sucks. damn i just realized i wrote an essay, i'm really proud of my 6800gt