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I figured I'de get involved here on techist forums and see what kind of things I can learn, maybe even teach if possible.
There's a lot of things I don't know.
There's quite a few things I do know.

Played dig dug when I was 3 and so on.
First got into dirt bikes when I was 5.
First started skateboarding when I was 10, first professional board I ever got was an equinox deck out of Greensboro NC by this guy named Johnny that skated for em. I've been skating since then. I'm 27 now.
I have an artistic ability, but I have to credit my grandmother with that! :)
Oh, and no homo, please don't take it the wrong way, but I grow bonsai too!
I have a few Japanese Black Pine trees, been practicing for the last 5 years!

Always have a passion for media, all kinds of media really. Filmed and edited videos for a while, had a VX1000/MK1 setup and a GL2/Raynox Fish setup for a while and edited most things with Sony Vegas, until I switched over to Mac and picked up final cut pro.
I did things just because I thought it was fun, not for any other reason!
I used to work for a well known sign company as lead production, and made most of the signs in house and was lead install and went and installed most of the signs and graphics myself too, although the much bigger stuff was usually outsourced to contractors with boom trucks. I've done a lot of work in High Point Furniture Market showrooms too, and a lot of my work is still up to this day!

When I was 15, I got my first computer, my mom bought it for me, 2 weeks later I had torn it down and rebuilt Just to see how it worked... Computers remind me of houses... Has a central foundation and all is built up from there.
I love computers!
Currently rolling MacOSX and A good Dell Inspiron 5000series, it's awesome! I gotta say though, I absolutely love Macs stability! Plus I've been Producing music on mac since 2009 in Logic Pro, so stability is a must! I run under the name Chem Jones now, I used to go by CaPK, and then switched to Phutile for a while but I changed it back to Chem Jones, because Phutile sounds cool but I mean it when I say it's wayyy too transcending! LOL
My Dell is awesome, but I gotta say even with a 4core processor, 16gb of ram and a 1tb HD, it still gets glitchy and lags, mostly when I'm multitasking and have multiple tabs open and running multiple things at once.

I guess I'm kind of straying away from my introduction and into other things, but yeah...
I'm Cory.
I'm new here!
I like a lottt of different things, a lot of different and opposite kinds of music, I don't have interest in hunting, nascar or country what so ever!
I skate, well used to! I love computers, I'm going to get some certifications soon! Hopefully to carry myself down and new and extremely interesting career path!
Not that I'm sick of being a machine operator or saw operator, but warehouse production work isn't my go to wish to do job, or career path ya know! Something is amazing and orgasmic when I think of drum&bass rolling while watching numbers tick or being in a database or server room, although I've never actually set foot in one before!

I like a lot of different things, and so well, I found this forum and figured I'de get involved and see what I could learn here!

Hey! What's up! or WASSSSSSSUPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!????

I can be found on youtube under equanox100, have a few videos, and have a few sites, although I never finished them. expressonesself.wordpress.com and urbndubz-deco-apparel.com and Some other projects I've got under way too, but aren't indexed anywhere.
JUst to plug in my little brother too, he's got mad style when it comes to parkour, but check him out, his channel on youtube is DimensionEight

HMU! I'm down to collab on just about anything! Music, IT Projects, Biz Start ups, or just brainstorming!

Have a good one!
Thanks for reading..:silly:
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Woohoo, another skateboarding tech :p I've just gotten back into that a few months ago. Got the ollies back down, shoves and pop shoves, 180 frontsides, and accidentally landed my first kickflip a few days ago haha. Can't replicate it yet tho T_T

Welcome to the forums anyway, hope you stick around!
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