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now, i know it has only been out for one day, but has anyone managed to copy warcraft 3 yet?
i am using Clone CD 4, it read fine, it copied, but it wont recognise the cd as a legitimate copy.
I've tried burning it with Blindwrite using DAO Pw mode, which supposedly makes 1:1 copies of CDs. The copy does get past the CD check, but on my windows XP box, it will randomly generate a memory access error while playing the game. I also tried it on a windows 2000 box and it generates a similar but different error when one of the registers tries to access itself right as warcraft 3 is starting up. So I'm not exactly sure how to burn this one. Apparently Blizzard has figured out how to tell the difference between the real CD and copies made by Blindwrite. It seems kind of weird, though, that the copy protection generates memory access errors.
I have made a working backup of warcraft 3! I used CloneCD with fast error skip ON and read the image file from my cd burner and it worked fine. misagh was you reading the image from your cdr drive or another cd drive?

I've burned it with CloneCd and it works fine, no changes done on the settings.
I know my friends have burned it simply with fire burner or nero, and added the crack and it worked fine too...

this may sound stupid but how many cds is warcraft3 on?
i've got a copy but it doesn't seam to have all the ork missons, just upto stealing the boats.
You will need to go past the Humen's Campain and then the Undead Campain and only then you can start the orc missions...
Hope I helped..
Cheers (b) m8!
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