Want to start Computer reapir business..Have some questions


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Hello, I am new to the site, but I know alot about computers. I want to start my own computer repair business. How much could I charge for repairs (per hour and for various repairs?)


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Not shure about the business end of it, but I just wanted to Welcome you to Computer Forums anyway.

Their are lot's of people who want to start their own Comp. business, i want to take classes on becoming a PC tech.


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Welcome to CF!
the amount I usually charge in my shop is 60-80 US an hour for labor + the parts that may be needed. But for in home calls it's 95-120 Us an hour (i only charge 120 when im setting up a network). also make sure you are properly certified or people will not want you to work on their comps. it would be a good thing to at least be A+ and MCSE certified for comp. repair, and Network comptia certified for networking.