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This small command line utility makes possible to switch on a computer from a second one by sending a "Magic Packet". Both of computers can be located on the same LAN or on the different LAN segments.

Requirements to use the WOL (Wake-On-LAN)
[FONT=ARIAL,Helvetica]An ATX motherboard with an onboard, 3-pin "WOL" connector.
An ATX power supply that meets ATX 2.01 specifications.
A network card that can support WOL with its cable to the motherboard properly installed.
In the BIOS Power Management, you must enable the LAN Wakeup option.

How to use MC-WOL
[FONT=ARIAL,Helvetica]Use the following command in a Windows DOS box:

MC-WOL ethernet-address [/a ip-address] [/p password]
A description for each argument follows:
ethernet-address - Ethernet MAC address of the network adapter of the destination computer.
ip-address - Multicast IP address of the LAN (see below) where the destination computer is located. This argument is not required if computers are located on the same LAN.
password - Is only required for a few adapter types. The password should be specified in ethernet hex format (i.e. 01:AA:02:BB or 01:AA:02:BB:03:CC:04:DD).

Example1: MC-WOL 00:01:02:58:A3:C7
If a target computer is on another LAN, IP address must be specified. For example you have a segment using the class C network The broadcast ip address of this subnet is - that's what you use as the destination IP address on the packet.
Example2: MC-WOL 00:01:02:5C:A1:B2 /a
This multicast packet will be delivered by router(s) to the ethernet switch that comprises the network segment.

How to get MAC address
You can use our freeware utility MCGETMAC.EXE, to obtain ethernet address of the NIC (network interface card) of the target computer.
Usage: MCGETMAC ip-address or name

Download MC-WOL.EXE

Wake-on-LAN [ MATCODE.com ]
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