I have a feeling that cop is no longer going to be a cop. Ever. Probably also some nice bills for medical expenses. I'd throw in some jail time, too.

That was assault. There is no question about it.
Cops like this make me sick to my stomach.
I have had a family friend beaten almost to death by cops.
They took him into a room in the back of the station, turned off the cameras, and beat him to a pulp.
All because the cop felt "he cut him off".

Now who in there right mind would cut off a cop?? I mean seriously...
He was threaten to not say anything to anyone, or he would have TONS of charges put against him. Since it would be his word against 3-5 cops.. He would have no chance.
The officer attacked him for no other reason than the kid's shirt tail was out.
The officer is 2.5 times the mass of the kid and could have easily pinned him to a wall just by leaning on him. But the officer chose a unwarranted and brutal assault on him instead. All totally out of line and uncalled for. He could have killed that kid.
The officer should be sued for everything he has and will have in the future. He should do time for assault and battery with intent to do bodily harm. "I was having a bad day" is not going to get him off the hook on this.
The tape will be his damnation... And I also believe the Fraternal Order of Police should walk away on this one.
makes me wonder how many times these kinda things happen without them getting caught
cops look out for each other I bet if there were other cops with him the story would be more like this: Kid gets beaten> bi standers don't speak up out of fear>security tape mysteriously goes missing> no charges ever filed on cop.

Edit: also this was technically a hate crime since it was white cop beats black special ed student.
If couldn't get in trouble, I would have no problem with shooting that cop right where it hurts. Seriously, What a bastard. He deserves to get shot in the sack, and worse. :mad: :mad:
*sigh*....what is this world coming to? Why would you do that to a 15 year old kid? Good thing they got it on video, that's all I have to say.

The best part of the video is those two idiots' pointless rambling at the end............hahahahaha!
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