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Hi all

I have a Apple network using Airport Express x2, my ISP provides a router which gives DHCP 192.168.0.n and I use Itunes sharing to watch movies stored on my Itunes server on the 3xApple TVs. All was well, until I decided to use a VPN to watch geo-blocked content. The VPN services includes a locked-down router which I simply connected between my ISPs router and the connections to my Apple TVs, leaving the rest of the network direct, not via VPN (VPN slows down considerably the connection).

As the VPN router's LAN also has DHCP fixed to 172.20.1.n the Apple TVs now are in a different subnet to the itunes server so cannot connect using home sharing. I contacted the VPN provider (who manage the VPN router) and they say no way for it to work unless I put my entire network behind the VPN router.

I have access to the ISPs router and can in theory change the subnet to match the VPN router's LAN, but will this work? Is there another solution?

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This depends entirely on if their router* has a locked subnet or not. Only thing to do is try if they won't give you the information. Another option is to just place your iTunes server on that same network so the Apple TVs can see it locally.

*I've never heard of a VPN service providing a piece of hardware for connectivity.
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