Vpn in sigapore? do i need it?


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I just moved to singapore few days ago. i am wondering do i really need VPN in singapore? i will ask that cuz i thought singapore is very safe city to live.. ( maybe sounds a little bit dumb. but thats what i really think...)

also, i did some research on vpnsingapore . co, i am not sure all this info are correct or not..

If you have any idea please let me know. thanks a lot :)
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Look at it another way... do you want the government or any other entity that has access to your ISP's records to know each and every thing you do online?

Are you currently using a VPN?


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You need a VPN everywhere, no matter where you live. The internet is global -- It doesn't matter what city you live in. I highly recommend NordVPN.


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I think you should use a VPN no matter where you are.
It's all about you and your privacy. I recommend you to use it as much as you can.


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Like the guys have said above running a VPN will protect your privacy, not only from governments but any who wishes to eaves drop on your communications .

TORGuard is what I use personally, but I also recommend seriously taking out a private E Mail address with full encryption. Again TORGuard does provide this but these services are at a cost.

Run a VPN on all mobile devices if you can like said above but on any desktops, laptops, or even home servers a VPN will encrypt your communication and also change your IP Address for security.

Secure E Mail is also a must. I live in the UK and its a S*** hole when it comes to online government eaves dropping with the implementation of the IP Act (Investigatory Powers Act) .

Also here is a pro tip, believe it or not but TORGuard has nothing to do with the TOR Network as in The Onion Router.

TORGuard stand for Torrent Guard. They guarantee no logs are kept and after recent years of the S*** hitting the fan with regards to the likes of the Pirate Bay I actually believe them.

Do some research, decide for your self but at the end of the day you have nothing to loose if if you can afford it. Their are only benefits to be had.
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It's not about Singapore but about the reputation of this company. I prefer using VPNs with crystal clear reputation and even in this case I can't be sure thar everything will be ok )