Vpn apps keep breaking my internet


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So i had some degen vpn service years ago that would crash/freeze and activate kill switch
Daily but i would just restart and it go away
Now with nord vpn it happened again today

Somehow after 3 years of working great it got stupid.and suddenly im having issues after issues

I disabled all auto features like start with windows
Auto connect
Restarted pc and it did everything that i told it not to do
It started with windows auto connected then crashed and froze and enabled kill switch
And would not start back up for me to disable it after restart

So now im locked out of internet with no way to turn this sht off
I already tried reinstalling it through hotspot from my phone
Running through the app again to disable kill switch and
Reset my network settings in windows andin the nordvpn app also

But nothing works
all my home devices lost internet
Im connected to my router with no internet access
So this stupid thing did something with my router that prevents any device from accessing internet

i dont know how to fix that
I would like to punch someone in their face at nordvpn right now since i spent 4 hours on sunday trying to fix internet instead of spending time with my kid

I fixed it one time a while ago but cant remember what i did

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I had ExpressVPN running on my PS4, and it was good at first. Ended up having issues with my laptop's settings thereafter. You have to run a VPN via a LAN cable to a games consoles, as nothing can be installed on a PS4 itself.

I found it to be quite convoluted. Basically, I don't follow technical jargon all that well.
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