Volunteering - Direct dial-up file transfer between 2 PCs


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We're a couple of volunteers setting up PCs in the remotest villages of India in the state of Rajasthan. Anyone's help would be greatly appreciated--

PROBLEM: To keep costs low, we want PC1 to dial directly into PC2 and transfer files both ways (without Internet). Dial-up sequence would then repeat among other PCs. All PCs are Win XP SP3 and have a 56K modem.

Can anyone suggest some freeware or low cost software to do the file transfer (with built-in error correction, retries, etc. e.g. zmodem or something)? Should not involve too much operator knowledge (if it has scripts, we can write the scripts/macros).

Have tried:
a) PCAnywhere but apparently has a lot of overhead bytes making the transfers slow (~ 15k bits/s).

b) Token 2: Don't know how to make it pick up the call on the called PC. So doesn't connect.

c) AbsoluteTelnet, War FTP Daemon, CommNet. Same problem for these 3 applications and also no place to put host settings (like caller's user name, pw, etc.)

Need assistance urgently as we have some goals to meet. Thank you for your time and help.

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Just to clarify ... absolutely no internet is involved in this setup? Or are you wanting to share internet (dial-up) via one computer and have all other computers access via the pc connected to dial-up internet? Or are you wanting to connect PC1 in Village 1 with PC2 in Village 2 to each other?

If no internet and in one location ... why not use an ethernet switch and assign static ip addresses (i.e., ... etc.) to all computers in a peer-to-peer network? Granted you'd have to spend a little on ethernet and the switch, but may cost the same as software.