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Hey guys... Im new here and Ive to say that I dont have a lot of knownledge about audio stuff.... that´s why I need ur help...
The Problem:
I need to rec my voice and then make it sound like other person´s voice. Someone told me that Ive to make an algorithm of the person´s voice and then use it in Cool Edit..
The fact is that this person told me that he was going to help me, but since a lot of weeks he´s still saying "its almost done" :|
It is posible to do what I need to do?
Can someone help me please? :( :confused:
Thanx very much,
Voice algorithms are somewhat tricky. First off you have to have the person's voice you want to imatate including all tones and pitches that you need to imatate. So basically you need that person to say the something with the excact tone changes pitch bends and other things they might say differently. Because some people pronounce tomato like TOE MAY TOE and others might pronounce it TA MATO. So if it's been a few weeks and your friend says it's almost done. He might actually be telling you the truth, if he's getting a very close match.

Best of luck! :)
Yes, it is a very complicated thing, just look at most voice recognition software. they require you to pretty much read a book into the mic, so they catch all the inflections in your voice.
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