Vodafone UK Rip-off

DJ Stephen

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Hi everyone,
Just though i would share my expierence of yesterday.

I wanted to phone a friend on there mobile bearing in mind they are on the same network as me (makes it cheaper), theres is a normal mobile number and i have £6 of credit.

It suddenly cuts off and i go check my credit, i had none at all. I looked how long i had been on the phone to my friend and it was 20 minutes.

20minutes to same network is £6.

What a ripoff, i dont have enough money to top up so i cant phone or text anyone, when i am earning some money i will get a contract sim so i dont have to top up and i will be aloud a certain amount of minutes and texts each month.

I am angry as i now have no credit, do you think i should complain or something?

joe pic

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£6 for 20 minutes sounds ok, but its still pretty stupid. you know, i don't even understand the whole "minute" thing. IMO, its so stupid! who came up with that? lmao. i hope some guy feels the same as i do one day and creates a mobile provider without minutes. you know? unlimited calling anywhere, anytime, to anyone for only $50 a month...eh? i think minutes are stupid.


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David Lindon said:
that works out at .30/minute. Have you checked their price structure?
well in the US alot of plans are 30 cents per minute so that is a bit cheaper than over here

mark thorpe

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im on O2, 100 mins and 100 texts for £25 a month, not bad really...

webmonkey, if its such a problem DONT PHONE PEOPLE FOR 20 MINS! thats rather cheap if anything... on orange when i was using them it was 40p a min to phone people... if you aint happy with it, dont use the phone, simple as that!