VLC help


Daemon Poster
I have my Cable coming into my computer through a Firewire.

And I used VLC Media Player to open a capture screen but I never would capture video I would just go full screen and just watch it like a TV.

But VLC would only work for say 5. Days and that is it is there any other free program like this that I can go full screen with the Prevue??

I don't want to capture video but I just go full screen and just watch it.

So if a video is coming into my computer I just need a program to open up a window for me to watch it but go full screen?????


Fully Optimized
VLC is 100% free. If you've downloaded a version that's expired, get rid of it straight away and install the real deal! What message are you getting from VLC when it doesn't work?


Daemon Poster
Now VLC is free but it only worked right for me for say a fue days then I would have to dellete the APL foder and it would work again and then not.

It just gave me so many problems.