Visualware Security Suite Issues


Daemon Poster
Ok, a long story short, i was trying to trace a persons IP to verify that they were indeed where they said they were. To do this i used a program called Visualware IP Tracker (or Tracer?) and an email tracker that did jack all. now

i know that there are other ways to do it that dont involve 3rd party programs like that but i like visuals and such, and this provided me with the info i needed.

anywho. now that the trial has run out on it, im deleting it. the problem is that each particular aspect of that program is, from what i can gather, a plugin to a main program called Visualware Security Suite. This lists the other programs (or plugins) like IP Tracer and Email Tracer (there are other plugin options they offer for download.)

now, in the uninstalling, ive only been able to remove the IP Tracer and the Email Tracker. Yet, upon startup, The Visualware Security Suite continues to run. There are no options in the add/remove progrmas for it like the plugins.

the only thing that i have found is in the program files: a folder for Visualware Security Suite. Upon accepting delete, i get the error that Access is denied, make sure the disk is not write protected or the file not in use.

Now im not sure because there is a Bit of trash running in the background of my computer that i am intending to remove within the week, but i guess that its running still, even though ive closed it upon opening in the system tray.

Im using XP Pro with both SP1&2. I also have aVast! as my virus protection.

Can anyone help me in getting rid of this nuisance program please?