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I'm trying to teach myself some Visual Basic for the hell of it, but i have NO ideas what I want to begin with... So i'm leaving my learning up to everyone here. So post some SIMPLE :D hahhah ideas, and i'll go from there!!
One of my earlier projects was to make a CSS scrollbar skinning app... it was really simple and quite useful, but it covered a lot of different areas (file access, etc)

If you're interested in learning to use the Windows API, a great place to start is with API Guide.. it's a great resource with a huge list of APIs and examples for all of 'em
þÄ®âÐÖx, thanks!! This list looks pretty comprehensive, so I should be learning a lot in no time...hahhahah :D!!
þÄ®âÐÖx, that is not a simple idea for beginners. Shan, a simple idea would make password protection. You will learn If and Then statements. Create one text box and two buttons [an OK and Cancel button]. Here is a helpful site:
Yea, i've got that far, but I'm pretty tech heavy, i can comprehend alot of coding and stuff, right now I'm working on dde and database applications....Just kinda preparing myself for when i start up school.

Thanks for the site pch! I'll check it out and learn some more there!
As difficult as it might sound (or not). Create a web browser.

I did, just a few minutes ago. At school. Thats how I'm browsing the forum right now.
Just start with a blank form and start adding controls (The little tool buttons on the side). Then try passing text from one control to another. Or add a button and make a simple hello world application. It's really easy to get started. I taught myself. Just play with it, that's how simple it is.
Try the calculator program, or if you are feeling brave, create an art program. All of the api's are on the net.
Here are my suggestions:

1. Calculator (as suggested by warl0rd)
2. A small editor (very easy)
3. A Paintbrush program (it is quite easy, once you begin)
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