Vista Taskbar No Longer Transparent


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Usually whenever a window isn't maximized the taskbar is transparent to whatever is behind it (ie. open window, background picture, etc). Lately I just noticed that its only solid black...maybe because of SP1?


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Don't think so, because mine is still transparent. Check some settings...did you add a theme by any chance?

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Well, reports of Itunes messing it up, also various other programs.. don't remember them..

If I'm not mistaken, there is an option to change the opacity or something... but that probably isn't the answer. You can always go with a wipe, LOL :D Bit to much, don't you think? I'll get back to this post in a second, I see other eastereggs on this forum that need to be stolen ;)

Gotta love Windows and their undoubtful SPs.. which probably caused it.. :D

Everything I have gathered.

Right click on your desktop, go to properties, Then Window Color Appearance and Apperance, then Go from there.
Ahh,, here is someones fix

"Fixed it it was because I had 'Itunes' thing enabled.
Un-ticking that solved the problem "
Right click on the desk, select color options.

Does it go to the color selector, or the
aero desk color chooser. If the former, click on
Windows Vista, otherwise, adjust the opacity settings.
Reboot - then check to see Aero in running in
(The reboot may fix issue.)

Go here and on Windows Color and Appearance Screen click
"Open Classic Appearance Properties for more Color Options"

Check that Aero is Theme and then check Taskbar settings.

Huhm pretty interesting, look here

I do not have vista. Everything you see here is from searches. My girlfriend has vista and this has happened to her, however. My girlfriend and her family gets so many damn computer problems lol


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Undo all of your toolbars on the taskbar. Itunes, google desktop, and nero scout are some of the programs I know to have tool-bars that keep the taskbar from being transparent. Disabling them should bring it back.


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It may be possible that you are running a program that is incompatible with aero, thus Vista disabling it.


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Vista Glazz. Google that program. I use it and it makes it transparent again no matter what.

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There has been some reports, actually alot of reports, of glazz not working though... I bet it is the toolbars you have.

Omfg. I just closed this (had it open in another tab) and tons of them opened over like 30 seconds (tabs of this thread)..